Souvenir france online dating

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Souvenir france online dating

If you're in the city center and are looking for a great, refreshing snack, this is the place.

Eis Greissler offers organic ice cream and has some rather unconventional flavours like poppyseed and almond.

Rare possibility of talking about tea, tasting it and buying it.

They also have the important accessories at this lovely tea place, hidden behind vines.

Due to its international flair it is also called "little Orient".

In the northern section (Yppenplatz) there are numerous small international restaurants.

The local shop of Staud's jam manufactory is also worth a visit.

The major brands like H& M, Zara, etc can be found there. There are lots of small boutiques by local designers or foreign underground labels.

It is full of stores, boutiques and all the big international brands have their flagship stores on Mariahilferstraße.

This store sells female and male second hand - and mostly also vintage - fashion pieces.

The ice-cream has a intense favor, delicious after-taste and not too sugary. Here you get healthy (raw)vegan and glutenfree lunch and can buy organic and super high quality stuff.

Tea, Chocolate, cooking material, bread, pastry, cosmetics and so on.

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Its guests are a mixture of bobo book lovers and people who want to have a nice chat over a cup of coffee.