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As a part of the PBL model new students on the HI education have to form groups for projects and other learning contexts for the further process of the education.

The HI class on 1 st semester is typically a large group of e.g.

He adds that Meaning is the ability to experience the world and the humans engagement with it, is ultimately what learning is to produce.

These assumptions relies on theory of learning as a social participation, as an encompassing process of being active participants in the practices of social communities and constructing identities (Wenger, 1998, p. According to Wenger (1998) the components for characterizing social participation as a learning process and thereby a foundation to social learning theory are; meaning, practice, community, and identity.

Furthermore he says that knowledge is a matter of competences to valued enterprises, that knowing is a matter of participating in the pursuit of enterprises that is a active engagement in the world.

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Only the individual himself knows his own personality, while behavior is observable and can be interpreted and used to predict future reactions and conduct (Belbin, 2013, p. Belbin believes that the individual s self perception of extraversion may indicate limited self awareness or may reflect a personality trait the individual wishes to possess (Belbin, 2013, p. The BTRSPI gauges behavior in order to identify groupings or team roles, which characterize an individual s behavioral contribution to the workplace, rather than providing information regarding individual personality traits.

Usually Observer Assessments are added to a BTRSPI to ensure that an individual s report is not dependent on self awareness and understanding, but rather is grounded in the perceptions of the team workers (Belbin, 2013, p. For our project it might be beneficial for the students to have a subjective approach, for highlighting the self awareness and reflections, when starting a new education and a new chapter in life.

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This self reflection might be an incorporated feature, that can be updated during the students education time, and ensure an illustration of the student behavior, based on experience and self development as a graduated AAU student.

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