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I have to admit, when writing this review I was debating whether to mark it with the NSFW tag (I mean there are some still images of topless women in the film!!

), but it’s just so damn charming, it didn’t feel right.

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If you block an area, users in that area will NOT be able to see you on our sites.We operate one of the largest and most popular adult webcam networks in the world.There are NO FEES to join and we pay some of the highest model commissions in the industry.As the playful title suggests, the film focuses on a girl conflicted by her natural urge to indulge in a little self love and the message from her Catholic school that “sex with yourself” is “against God’s plan”.Tackling the subject of masturbation from a female point-of-view, with the hope that “talking about these things, and showing them in film, is what will make them less taboo going forward”, where Maine’s film feels most successful is in just how accessible and relatable is.

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