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Kiwi free sex chat

It was never discussed even though they were each other's closest friends."They could have made it, they were amazing.

They gave it [dance] up because they mentally stuffed themselves up.

After high school education she moved to Melbourne to continue pursuing that dream, linking up with a ballet school there for two years before headingoff to Europe to spend her 20s doing what she loves - dancing.

She has now returned to Christchurch to open a dance studio to teach the next generation of inspiring young dancers While Panfilow eventually fulfilled her dream, she has been mentally scarred in the way she perceived her body for 20 years.

"There was a long time that I didn't [love myself] but I never said that out loud."It just takes one person, to be like 'she's filled out a bit' or 'her legs are a bit chunkier than what they should be' or 'oh have you thought about losing weight? '"Any little comment can just trigger something and just stay in someone's mind forever."FOOD BECAME THE ENEMYAt 12, Panfilow witnessed friends with eating disorders, some so bad they were hospitalised.

As teenagers, they had destroyed their metabolism and had to quit dancing as their minds were also damaged.

She decided to move to Europe because she wasn't giving up, even if she wasn't fully secure with herself.

Being told she was too fat, too heavy, to lose weight and that she landed like an elephant are just some of the remarks sent her way, all by her role model ballet and dance teachers.

She is determined that none of that will be passed onto her pupils."We are trained from a young age to think that your body is your product and you often get categorised.

In every physical sport an athlete needs to make sacrifices and train hard if they are to make it to top level.

But at 57kg and 1.68m she does not accept being called fat. "For me it started really young, even getting into dance schools. A lot of inner struggle."They'd say, 'Lana you've got it all there, you've got the technique, but you're just too big' and that was imprinted in my brain for years."There was a teacher in Australia who said she would not put me on stage unless I lost weight and she moved me from the front line to the back, which is a big deal in dance world.

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Panfilow is real, a down-to-earth Kiwi who has only learned to love her body, physique and self in the last two years. At five, the Christchurch-born dancer started her quest to become a ballet dancer.

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