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To data bind a list control, add a data source control to the page.

It is relative to the impression of other ads in the same file. In the above example, the ad for Contoso is twice as likely to appear as the ad for the ASP.To display the data from the database in the Ad Rotator control, add a data source control to the page, configure the connection string for the data source control to point to your database, and set the Ad Rotator control's Data Source ID property to the ID of the data source control.In cases where you have a need to configure Ad Rotator ads programmatically, use the Ad Created event.Use the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to define the display text and the value for the control.Additionally, you can use the Data Text Format String property to control the appearance of the display text as follows: For numeric/decimal data.

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The frequency of a particular ad displaying on a page can be configured using the Impressions property and ads can be filtered using keyword filtering.