Dating antique furniture feet

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Dating antique furniture feet

The most popular wood used in this period was mahogany, with walnut, maple and cherry also present.Legs become straight and regional differences still existed in design elements, such as feet.

A new furniture form of this period was the tilting tea table.Sheraton, 1790-1810: The style known as Sheraton closely resembles Federal.The lines are somewhat straighter and the designs plainer than Federal.Woods used during this period were mahogany and mahogany veneer, but other native woods, such as maple, birch or satinwood, were used.Reflecting the architectural ornamentation of the period, inlays were popular, as was carving and even painted highlights.

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Chippendale, 1755-1790: This period is named for the famous English cabinetmaker, Thomas Chippendale, who wrote a book of furniture designs, published in 1754, 17.

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