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Dating an antique rocking chair

In 2015, the casino above the park receive approval for an expansion, which forced the relocation of the Carousel as well as the Flying Galleon.

The two rides, which had been immediate neighbors for thirty years, are now the two rides which have the most distance between them.

The Carousel and the Flying Galleon are on opposite ends of Galaxyland.

The Carousel’s new home resulted in the removal of the Kiddie Convoy ride, and forced the relocation of the Moto Jump ride.

The cups are equally spaced out around a circular platform.

The ride platform spins in a moderate paced circular motion.

It currently resides where Cosmo’s Space Fountain was previously.

Fantasyland became Galaxyland officially on July 1, 1995.

This was celebrated with a new "space age" theme, and the arrival of the park's new mascot "Cosmo".

At the same time, each cup has the potential to spin via a center wheel.

When the ride is in motion, passengers can spin their cup to a speed of their choice.

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