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Vox-29 pa 2014 Critics of this theory argue that AIPAC isn't as strong as Walt and Mearsheimer think.AIPAC's early 2014 failure to secure one its longstanding ...미주한인 풀뿌리 운동가들 뭉쳤다…'한국판 AIPAC' 지향 연합뉴스- Dowiedz si wicej (Jeszcze 33 artykuy) Rep.Alan Grayson Is Proud To Be AIPAC Huffington Post (blog)- Grayson doesn't get any flack for opposing the Iraq and Afghan wars but AIPAC will go ballistic if he deviates an iota from their line on Gaza ...AIPAC: A critical day for Israeli-American relations Washington Post (blog)- I am at the AIPAC conference today waiting for President Obama to speak.

Man In Black : Reptilian Shape Shifter Humanoid Spotted At AIPAC ... AIPAC's chief: Obama is wrong about a bunch of stuff Washington Post (blog)- Howard Kohr, the executive director of AIPAC, doesn't have an easy job.AIPAC- We'll take over the UC Berkeley student government Muzzlewatch- A week later, in a move oddly predicted by AIPAC's Jonathan Kessler at AIPAC's policy conference, the vote was vetoed by the student senate ...Reform, AIPAC stake out opposing positions on penalizing ...Mc Cain's AIPAC Speech Commentary- The full text is reprinted below.All of you involved in the work of AIPAC have taken up a great and vital cause — and a cause set firmly in the American heart.

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The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy Fully 13% of the entire US House of Representatives, 56 members, traveled to Israel in the largest AIPAC-sponsored fact-finding visit by ...