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When my dogs walked by, the camera was intelligent enough to know it wasn’t a human and didn’t notify me that a person had walked by.The Cloud Cam app can send you notifications whenever it detects some movement. Luckily, it has a setting that lets you decide how often you want to be alerted to movement or people entering a room. That means you can ask Alexa to show a live view of the camera’s video feed on an Echo Show or Fire TV.Can Amazon and its new Cloud Cam indoor security camera compete?That was the question I asked last week when I opened my Cloud Cam, which begins shipping today.The app has a number of other features, including the ability to automatically turn off the camera when you’re home without any user interaction and set the sensitivity of the camera’s motion detector. If you’re in the market for a full-featured security camera, Cloud Cam is a great option.For the price, its video quality is outstanding and all of its features work as promised.The new, upgraded security camera from Nest is now on sale. Unpack the camera, which looks a little like a small, satin-white version of the Pixar desk lamp, Luxo Jr., plug it in and download the app. Here's one of the standout features of the Nest Cam IQ: the picture quality.

But it was quite good for low-light and able to help you make out faces and other details. The USB-C cable that stretches from the camera to the charging plug has different ends so you can tell them apart, and one has a shaped plastic lug which perfectly fits the slot in the camera base. Once you're up and running, having placed the camera where you're happy with it (you can wall-mount it if you like because the camera can be pivoted very precisely) you can see what the image looks like – the camera streams video constantly and you can see it on the app or on the web.That doesn't mean it streams video at that resolution, though.However, there are some others costs to owning Cloud Cam.If you want long-term access to detecting people (rather than regular monitoring) or setting zones, and want to have unlimited video downloads, you’ll need to sign up for an Amazon service plan that starts at monthly or annually.

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Like the Nest Cam Indoor from Alphabet, Cloud Cam features high-quality video, all-day monitoring, and the ability to save video during periods that the camera detects motion in the room.

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