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(3) and, most recently, the Trondheim Psychodrama Institute situated in Trondheim (Middle Norway) has been started by Mai Antonsen in 2007, and is associated with Norwegian Association for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. I myself was a main trainer and supervisor there from 1994 to 2000.All of psychodramatists that run psychodrama education in Norway now have been students there and certified as T. At my institute near Oslo, we have had and have three ongoing classes on three different levels with 42-52 students.I heard about psychodrama training groups in Gdansk, Warsaw, Cracow.Polish Initute of Psychodrama carries 3 or 4 groups in Cracow I think, but emailing them from given site will give You more detailed informations.Jana Segula ( Email: [email protected]) writes: We now have three training institutes: (1) the Norwegian Psychodrama Institute, in Oslo, founded in 1986 by Eva Rine and Monica Westberg.

Translating Your book is a very interesting proposition. Best wishes, Mateusz Also, the Pif E will be having their international conference in Cracow on September 2 - 4, 2005, theme: "Garden of Roles," and sessions will be held using English and German as well as Polish.Our education focuses on classic Morenian psychodrama (philosophy, theory, method) and further on adapting it to different fields of society (through, amongst else, guest teachers and student projects) and finally on education for psychodrama therapists, trainers and supervisors underlining the creative and artistic aspects of psychodrama.Our school is organized as part time and divided in three levels: Group Leadership (3 years), Classic Psychodrama (3 more years) and Therapist/Trainer/Supervisor Education (2 more years).University hospital in Troms ( even further north ) starts in 2003 with assistant level education.In the last few years psychodrama has moved from Oslo to Bergen, Trondheim, Bod, and Troms; and we are aiming to start another group in Aarhus/Denmark in june 2003.

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Most of them are MD psychiatrists and rest psychologists. The Polish Institute of Psychodrama is located in Cracow.