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For a time, lolicon seemed poised to go mainstream.

But in the end it remained a skeleton in the closet, reaching only domestic audiences as more palatable sci-fi and fantasy fare, such as the apocalyptic cyberpunk epic “Akira” and the early films of the director Hayao Miyazaki, built the foundations of “Cool Japan” abroad in the nineteen-eighties.

The protagonist of “It Girl” is a girl named “Yoshic[ch]!!

,” a nonsensical affirmation that is prominently displayed several times in Japanese in the course of the video.

Today, it has morphed into an animation style called , after a kanji character meaning both “burning” and “bursting into bud.” In moé, sexuality is treated indirectly; rather than showing overtly pornographic images, it focusses on “slice of life” dramas that allow consumers—mainly adult men—to observe the budding sexuality of pre-teen and teen-age girls from a discreet remove.

Even if one knows enough about the video’s influences to feel more than a little uneasy with its implications, you have to hand it to the directors for transforming two million Americans into unwitting lolicon consumers, even if for only the duration of a pop song.Pharrell isn’t the first American musician who has collaborated with Kaikai Kiki: in 2007, Murakami provided the cover art and directed the title video for Kanye West’s album “Graduation.” But, whereas Murakami had the safety of Kanye’s cuddly Dropout Bear mascot to riff on, Mr.’s vision for “It Girl” strays into far more personal territory.It’s hard not to feel unsettled by the sight of Pharrell’s cartoon avatar peeping through binoculars at a group of Lolitas frolicking in the surf. Thousands of sites, hundreds of DVD, forum, adult chat etc. Your password to Pain Comics will be valid at ALL resources of Adult Empire - huge system of adult entertainments.

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The very same phrase is also splashed in Japanese across the canvas of Mr.’s 2011 painting “Okay!!